194 Troop Week 21

After a busy weekend on completion of Exercise HOLDFAST, the Troop was straight into week 21 and Exercise URBAN WARRIOR, a camp based exercise designed to train us in CQC (Close Quarter Combat). This week, often referred to as one of the best in the training program, did not fail to meet our expectations and we were soon storming compounds and getting to do all the stuff you see on TV and sign up for!

Monday was a day of lectures. After the pressure of Bottom Field Pass Out the previous week, it was a welcome rest day. From Tuesday on-wards it was full throttle for the whole week as we needed to catch up on Viking training as well as completing our CQC package.

Tuesday was an introduction to the CQC compound. The training team introduced us to the elements of this ‘urban’ training step by step. We all thought we got a lot out of the day which set us in good stead for Wednesday, a further progression of the drills and more technical parts of the CQC package. By the end of Wednesday we all felt confident with how we were progressing.

The plan for Thursday was slightly different; the Troop had to spend the morning in Yeovil to complete the Viking Underwater Escape training before returning to carry on with CQC training back on camp.

Once again on Friday there was an early start for 194 troop as we headed to Bovington to complete our Viking training. We returned in the afternoon to use ‘simunition’ for the first time; paint rounds that are loaded as normal into our personal weapons and cause quite a bit of pain if they hit their target!

Saturday was essentially assessment day for the exercise; it began with an 8 mile load carry, complete with 69lbs of kit and a rifle, before carrying out an assault on the compound on camp. Once we completed the attacks it was time for a much needed “refresher” lesson on ‘fire and manoeuvre’ which the whole troop was happy to have before our weekend began!

On the whole it was a successful week for 194 Troop; however the loss of a number of lads within the Troop has come as a disappointment. It gives us the incentive to push forward to the next week and Exercise VIOLENT ENTRY, followed by Easter leave.


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