193 Troop Week 23

193 Troop Diary Week 23

Week 23 began during Exercise Violent Entry, which meant that we awoke to the morning chill of Senny Bridge as opposed to the warmth of the grots at CTCRM.

Monday proved to be one of the most testing days of the exercise, starting with an unexpected attack on our troop harbour location during our morning routine. The forward sentry alarmed the troop upon sighting the enemy and we immediately took up defensive positions. The enemy was told to halt as they came closer and reacted by attacking us. We then began an immediate counter attack and gradually pushed the enemy back into a woodblock a 200m away from us. We were then given orders to attack the woodblock, where we practiced the Fighting In Woods And Forests drills that we had learnt the day previously. The attack was successful and everyone seemed to know exactly what they were doing and the training team were happy enough with our overall performance.

After the attack we had a re-supply, where we topped up our water bottles and reloaded our magazines, we also were given more rations. This was in preparation for our yomp to the new troop harbour location. We yomped for hours across the rolling hills of Senny Bridge until we came across the sight of the 4 Tonne Truck, our morale received a massive boost as we realised the yomp was temporarily over. Whilst waiting to load our bergans onto the back of the vehicle, we were attacked in the form of a drive by shooting from the enemy. We reacted accordingly and briefly exchanged fire with the enemy before they fled in their pickup truck. Unfortunately for us, we had taken a casualty; the driver. Morale was returned to its rightful place; rock bottom, as we heaved our bergans onto our backs and carried on the yomp. Before we knew it, we arrived at our new location and the yomp was over.

After setting up the new troop harbour, multiple fire teams from all 3 sections were tasked with different forms of Recce patrols over the course of Tuesday, where they were to observe the enemy in preparation for our final attack on Wednesday morning. A lot of intel was gathered and an attack plan was made. The attack began at first light on Wednesday morning and each section fulfilled their role to a high standard and the enemy was destroyed. This attack involved utilising a lot of our Fighting In Built Up Area drills that we had learnt and practiced in the weeks previous and also earlier on in the exercise.

After cleaning up the area, we were given some remedial physical training as forfeit for some mistakes that were made on the exercise, partly as an incentive to not make the same mistakes again. We were then greeted by the fantastic sight of the coach pulling up to take us back to CTCRM, everyone was in high spirits for approximately 2 minutes before the entire coach was filled with the sound of snoring recruits.

Once we were back at CTC we began our usual routine of cleaning our rifles and guns and preparing them for inspection. Thursday involved some post-field admin as we unloaded the field stores. We then cleaned the accomodation in preparation for our Long Weekend Leave which began on Friday.


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