194 Troop Week 20

Week 20 began with 194 Troops hardest test so far, Bottom Field Pass Out. Unfortunately our prayers for no rain were unanswered, making everyone that little bit more apprehensive about the undertaking ahead. The assessment began with everyone, except one, making it to the top of the ropes. The muddy conditions meant that the ‘fireman’s carries’ were particularly hard work and a number of the Troop would have to re-sit over the course of the week. In the end we only dropped one from our numbers and with the term record being set by the fastest Rct from 194, it was all round a good result.
We spent the following few days learning the principles of modern warfare and building defensive structures using sandbags. The Troop took part in a practical demonstrations and lectures culminating in learning about the trenches that we were due to construct at the end of the week.
Thursday arrived and it was now time to deploy on our ‘dig exercise’ Exercise HOLDFAST up on Woodbury Training area. We had to dig two man fire trenches in pairs, these were a huge challenge and it was almost continuous work for 18 hours to get them completed. Unfortunately after long hard work they still were not up to standards, so after a stern talking to we managed to improve the trenches to the correct standards.

The CBRN (Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear) training team gave us a brief before we were put into an exercise scenario for a simulated gas attack. This meant we had to carry out our drills under the watchful eyes of the Corporals. The drills we had practiced many a time were even harder under the slight pressure, however we worked hard and performed to a good standard. The last, but certainly not least, challenge of the exercise was the 6 mile load carry back to camp- completed with full kit. After the sleep deprivation and physical exertion it was certainly a lot harder than normal. We now look forward to moving onto the Urban skills training next week


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