194 Troop Week 19

Week 19 arrived and 194 Troop now had some time on camp, having completed our week long SECOND EMPIRE exercise. Unfortunately for us it was no opportunity to relax, it was time for so called ‘crash training’ on the ‘Bottom field’ for the test coming up next Monday.

The ‘crash training’ involved four increasingly hard days of ‘phys’, which entailed repetitively going through the obstacles on the assault course with fireman’s carries and rope climbs in between, all good training! By the end it had certainly taken its toll on the Granddads of the Troop.

On completion of the week, however, everyone had improved their timings around the assault course and we[] were feeling fit to tackle the test on Monday. Our training team also found some spare time to help us practice setting up our ponchos and getting into our sleeping bags, as fast as we could, up and down a hill. Which we obviously thanked them for… All good practice for the field!

After several hours in the stances learning all about the GPMG’s, along with other ‘background activities’ we finished the week with a bit of a treat- a GPMG shoot on Straight Point ranges. It was a good chance to put into practice what we had been learning throughout the week. After an enjoyable day it was noted by the Training Team that our morale was far “too high” and this needed to be addressed swiftly!

Overall it was a good week for the Troop, we felt like we had all worked hard and learnt quite a bit of useful skills to take onto the remainder of training.


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