193 Troop Week 21

As ever a busy week in Royal Marine training consisting mainly of Close Quarter Battle.

On the first day of the week the troop mainly did Assault Engineering training mainly consisting of searching people and mine awareness training which is a main part of the royal marines due to the nature of the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tuesday was the day that exercise Urban Warrior started, where there were late nights and early starts to the day.

Throughout the week the troop learnt how to enter rooms in pairs then developing up to entering rooms in 4’s then as a section. We learnt how to enter a room in the correct manner and how to clear the room the right way and what we would have to do if we came across prisoners of war and enemy and how to deal with them.

On Thursday we did an 8 mile load carry with 69 pounds in our bergens, not everyone managed to complete the yomp as we had 3 drop out en route.

In the afternoon of Thursday we had the Regimental Sergeant Major and the Commandant of CTCRM come watch us and see how we are getting on, so the troop had to put in a good performance. The words of the Commandant at the end of our performance was ‘ this is what makes us different to everyone else and this is why the Marines standout from the rest of the armed forces’.

The whole week was a learning exercise to get us ready for our final attack on a small village based in 40 Commando’s home in Norton Manor, Taunton, which was very successful and the training team were happy with the troop throughout the week.

We learnt a lot of interesting skills throughout the week which will come in handy in the future, especially for the next exercise, Ex Violent Entry, which will test all of our Close Quarter Battle drills as well as our tactical thinking, on Sennybridge training area in Wales.

The troop now look forward to Adventurous Training where we will be learning to surf, mountain bike and to kayak based at RMB Chivenor in N Devon for 3 days prior to deploying to Wales on Thursday.


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