200 Troop Week 2


Started off the week with an inspection by the Training Team, this was the first time in training that the whole Team had inspected us, so first impressions were important, unfortunately they were pretty disappointed. On completion we were straight back into the gym for Initial Military Fitness to learn some more IMF routines followed by a swim in the 25m pool. A lecture was then given on foot care, this was a very important lecture and we listened intently in order to look after our feet in arduous conditions.


Tuesday was shaping up to be an exiting day, we started with drill, followed by a gym session of IMF. After lunch we went to the armoury for the first time to draw our personal weapons, this was a very exiting opportunity to get hand on our weapons for the first time. For some of us it was the first time we had held a rifle and there was definitely a sense of being a soldier for the first time. The evening consisted of our first Exercise in the field (EX EARLY NIGHT). During this time we learnt and practised our Wet and Dry routine, the construction of poncho’s and utilising our first ration packs.


After returning to the accommodation from the field our morning mainly consisted of lectures on dental care, RM operations, fire prevention and Recruit Training awards. After a quick three mile run around the local roads we spent the remainder of the day de-servicing our filed kit.


We spent the morning in the weapon stances, learning how to operate our weapons safely, strip and assemble and loading and un-loading magazine drills. The afternoon and evening was made up of lectures and cracking the last of the admin from the field.


An important inspection on the lockers and accommodation was carried out this morning. If we passed we could move from foundation block into the ‘big boy’ accommodation over the weekend, a fail would mean another inspection the following day. The rest of the day was spent in the gym, swimming pool and our first time conducting Royal Marines Close Combat (RMCC).


This morning a swim was followed closely by drill this morning. We then started to move our kit into the new accommodation because we has passed our final foundation inspection. Our new ‘grots’ felt a lot more personal and spacious, we are now in rooms consisting of 4 or 5 people. Not only having more space, we are also lucky to have a nice view of the estuary.


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