198 Troop Week 8


Week 8 was a very quick and rough week as 198 Troop had to prepare for Company Commander’s rounds and Gym pass out the following week as well as having two days on the Common.

The week began with a three hour session of interval drill in preparation for our interval drill pass out on Wednesday. Thankfully our ‘woolly pulleys’ gave us enough protection from the cold to make this bearable. On Tuesday we got a chance to vent some frustration doing some Royal Marines Close Combat (RMCC). Two hours of throwing each other around the gym provided a good contrast to the long drill session of the previous day.

Thursday morning was the big day for Company Commander’s rounds. We knew that if it did not go well the next few days would be hard work. Fortunately the rounds went well and we went off to Woodbury Common for a day with the Mountain Leaders learning survival techniques. This included building shelters, collecting water and setting traps for food. This was a very interesting day and we look forward to putting these skills into practice on Ex HUNTERS MOON in two weeks’ time.

Friday was spent on the Common practicing how to do a resection; a method for pinpointing your location if you become ‘navigationally challenged’. We also had an orienteering exercise to complete, having ten flags reach within an hour and a half. Most of the Troop managed to find most of the flags but fell down by reaching the finish point late, incurring heavy penalties. Some of the Troop who shall remain nameless even managed the impressive feat of finishing with negative points.

Saturday was spent on the parade ground and in the swimming pool for a spot of swimming which lifted spirits before the weekend. We now look forward to Gym Pass Out next week followed by our first experience on Dartmoor


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