193 Troop Week 19

193 Troop Week 19

Week 19 was a week on camp although as it was crash week it was not an easy one. We were physically pushed to our limits on bottom field everyday to prepare us for bottom field pass out the following week.

It started on Monday with the first session and 18lbs in weight plus a weapon. We did the usual run through of a hard warm up, 30ft rope climb, assault course, 200m firemans carry and a full regain over the tank but some people failed to reach the standard as we were pushed hard on exercise the week before resulting in a hard circuit that left everyone broken.

The hard sessions continued until Thursday, our fourth consecutive day, with the weight increasing to 21lbs and a weapon. Each day focused on a certain part of the routine to help us improve our techniques followed by another circuit. Once Thursday’s session was over we could breathe sigh of relief as crash week was finished and we could recover over the weekend and prepare for the pass-out.

Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons we began to learn about the GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun). It is a fully automatic weapon that fires 7.62mm rounds and is much more powerful than the SA80. We did our weapons handling test on Thursday, which we all passed, so we could move onto firing it Friday morning. Firing it was fun as feels completely different to the SA80.

Also throughout the week we had various lectures on Defence and Withdrawal, getting us ready to apply what we learned on exercise Holdfast and Urban Warrior.


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