197 Troop Week 9


1. The week started with an assessed BFT, this is a criteria test that if the Troop didn’t pass this week we would be Re-Trooped. A BFT is a booted mile and a half run out and then individual best effort back, followed by 50 sit ups and 5 pull ups. There were some impressive times posted in the individual best effort. With one of our big milestones completed for the week the rest of the day was dedicated to focusing on our first aid assessment coming up on Wednesday.

2. Due to the physical ability of the Troop we were selected to try for a Distinction level pass in Friday’s Gym Pass Out. This was a big task to achieve and one that has not been achieved in the last two years and the lads relished the opportunity (even if it did mean more rope climbs and sprints). 8 of the Troop were selected to try for gym superiors, proving themselves as the best in the Troop. The Week 9 Gym Pass Out is the culmination of a lot of hard work in the Gym and is a major mile stone as on completion it will mean we move on to the infamous bottom field. For these reasons a lot of the day was spent honing our skills in the gym ready for Friday. The day then culminated in final run-throughs and revision for the following day’s first aid assessment.

3. With everyone passing the first aid exam in the morning the main focus of the day was the last proper phys session before Friday’s main event, this focused on practicing all the skills that would be required to get the Distinction level pass we wished. With everyone feeling strong the day finished on a high. The day also saw our first assessed Map Reading Theory Test, with many now starting to master a skill that at first seemed very daunting.

4. With a stretch in the gym and some final words of encouragement the session enabled the Troop to actively recover, ready for Friday. The day also saw us starting to put in some of the evidence that will go towards our NVQ’s, as well as being issued our drill boots. These required a lot of man hours to start bringing them up to standard ready for drill on Friday. The evening also saw us writing route cards ready for Ex HUNTERS MOON the next week, we make these by breaking the route we will be taking down into 300m legs with the bearings, paces and a description of what we will see as we cover the ground.

5. With the big day finally here there was a lot of nervous excitement amongst the lads. From the word go the Troop gave 110%, while under the constant scrutiny of the Physical Training Staff as well as some Naval PTI’s. We gave everything that we could have in pursuit of a distinction and at the end the debrief we got from the Troop PTI was “I’m happy”. For us that is all the praise we need but we still weren’t aware of the scores. After that it was a quick change at the grots ready for some more arms drill with many of us feeling the after effects of the effort put in in the gym. It wasn’t until the end of the day that we were told we’d achieved a Distinction which was met by a massive cheer from the Troop. With the Distinction in the bag the Troop then focused on being well rested and prepared for Ex HUNTERS MOON next week.


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