194 Troop Week 17

We started week 17 with Exercise WALAKABOUT, a signals exercise based on camp. It consisted of a series of checkpoints that were visited in Fire Teams. Each checkpoint required us to send a certain report, depending on the written scenario given at each. It was a good chance to practice out voice procedure and gain more experience with the Bowman 354 ‘comms’ equipment.

After completing the exercise we then had a 3 hour long session on the Bottom Field. No one managed to avoid getting wet this time and we all ended up in the infamous tank. However, the session did have it’s highlight – as a special ‘treat’ -one of the recruits sang ‘happy birthday’ to him self before proving his acrobatic skills with a toe hang on the rope above the tank, plummeting to an inevitable soaking!

The remainder of the week consisted of a series of lectures on Troop level actions, ambushes and current affairs. Some of us found them quite hard to stay awake in, but it was nothing press-ups couldn’t sort out!

We also undertook a trip to Bovington to see the Royal Marines Armoured Support Group (ASG). The whole Troop enjoyed the opportunity to get away from camp for a change of scene and to learn all about the capabilities of the amphibious ‘Viking’ vehicles. It was an interesting package and we had the added benefit of experiencing some rare ‘downtime’ in the evenings in the accommodation.

The package seemed to be going well until the call came through that the compressors at the Underwater Escape Centre had broken. Unfortunately it meant we couldn’t complete the course so we had to come back to camp early, much to the Troops disappointment.

Overall the week went well for 194 Tp and we are all looking forward to the challenges of Exercise SECOND EMPIRE next week.


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