194 Troop Week 15

Monday morning of week 15 came and 27 of us from 194 Troop nervously waited to find out our scores from Exercise BAPTIST RUN and, ultimately, to find out who would be continuing with the Troop. First up, however, was a long Bottom Field session to take our mind off things.
After lunch, the afternoon was spent getting to grips with the different types of Bowman communication systems that will be used during Phase 2 . Those that remained throughout the whole of the lecture would be staying. Unfortunately for four of the Troop, this signalled that their time with 194 had come to an end.

Tuesday morning was spent running through CBRN drills in the chamber to practice for the test on the Wednesday. Poor and slow drills would result in exposure to CS gas- something we wanted to avoid after recently experiencing the somewhat unpleasant effects! The afternoon was spent in the lecture room learning about the different types of patrols and certain drills that we will be using in the up and coming exercises during Phase 2.

With Phase 1 pass out coming up and the incentive of a much awaited ‘long weekend’ off , Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were aimed at preparing for the arms drill pass out; showing that we have the necessary skills and discipline on the parade square when conducting rifle drill. Further lectures reinforced that this is now the tactical phase we are moving on to, we learned about tactical Troop harbours with the training team conducting a demo to show us all how it would be carried out on the ground.

After a long night making sure the accommodation and Drill rig was up to the required standard, Friday morning came and there was a sense of excitement in the air at the prospects of passing out of Phase 1, completing Arms Drill pass out, and getting home to see our families and friends.

After a couple of practice runs, Arms drill pass out took place and, if we were to be honest, went a lot better than was expected. After taking an unexpected compliment from the Colour Sergeant examining us, as well as our own Drill Leader (DL), the awards ceremony for Phase 1 Pass Out took place beside the memorial for the fallen Marines on the Drill square. The Coy OC, Tp OC and Corporals presented awards for notable performances so far in training. In addition Section Commander tapes were handed out, signifying the additional responsibility that some of us will be taking on in the upcoming exercises .

After what felt like a long week, we were finally secured for our long weekend. We all excitedly went our separate ways to see their families.
Now that phase 1 is complete, the Troop is looking forward to entering the tactical phase and doing more of the soldiering that we signed up for.


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