191 Troop Week 22-24

191 Troop – training diary -weeks 22+23 – Ex Violent Entry

191 Troop deployed on exercise Violent Entry on Thursday, 22 January (week 22). The troop was initially meant to insert by helicopter however in the end this was cancelled so we were transported by coach from CTCRM to Sennybridge,Wales.
The Troop arrived at Sennybridge around 2100 and after a small admin period set off on the insertion yomp at about 2200. We yomped until 0400 the next day, and then set up a hasty harbour a mile or so from Cilieni village.
At first light we conducted a Troop attack on the village, clearing the street house by house and using the skills we have learnt the previous week in modernised urban combat. The Troop attack went well. We then occupied a building and built up defences using razor wire and anything we could get our hands on.
We spent three nights in the building, repelling attacks, conducting clearance and fighting patrols and conducting a VCP (vehicle check point). We then collapsed defences on the third night and set of Monday morning on the second yomp heading South to a woodblock. On arrival to our objective we conducted our first FIWAF (fighting in woods and forests) attack.
We then set up a harbour and were left alone most of the night allowing much needed rest for the troop. At 2100 Tuesday we set off on the final and longest yomp to village one.

We arrived near the village but first had to conduct another FIWAF clearance of a nearby woodblock. The Troop then set up a harbour from where we recced the village through recce patrols and OP’s, in preparation for the Troop attack at first light. The troop attack went smoothly and was a good finish to a good exercise. After the attack the usual after exercise admin was completed before returning to camp.

Overall Violent entry was a both an enjoyable and difficult excercise for 191 troop, the troop performed well as a whole and was a valuable learning experience for the recruits.

191 Troop – training diary -weeks 24

After Ex Violent Entry 191 troop had been given a well earned long weekend which then lead into week 24.

The week started with a 6 mile booted run which was getting us ready for the 6 mile speed march we would be doing in two weeks. That day we also started our light machine gun (LMG) training which the troop got to grasps with quite quickly: this impressed the training team, and meant we could get our weapons handling tests done early and move on to more advanced training with that weapon.

Early morning Tuesday we had our endurance course intro, which involved doing a whole run through of the course and then a run back. Although everyone was freezing the lads still had a good laugh, especially when it was the training teams turn to go through the sheep dip.

Wednesday had us at the Tarzan assault course for our 30ft wall acquaint and the commando slide acquaint. This first session we had was slightly more laid back to make sure we where comfortable with the height and techniques of the obstacles.

Thursday brought with it the looming 12 mile load carry which everyone was dreading and with all the phys done through the week we where already tired to start. The route had a lot of steep climbs and although the pace was not too fast it was still quite a challenge. At the end of the march we where told to cam up and we were surprised with a simulated Troop attack, with the understanding that we should be able to carry out an attack effectively even after 12 miles. Friday, thankfully, was a day of rest in terms of phys, as we only had weapons training with the NLAW and lectures from the Tp Commander.


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