189 Troop Week 26 and 27

189 Troop Diary Week 26 and 27

189 Troop began week 26 with lessons from the mountain leaders on the Monday and then Foggin Tor on Tuesday. Monday consisted of teaches on abseiling with and without a fully packed bergen attached…sounds a lot easier than it is. From here the troop then had an introduction to river crossings, again with a bergen attached. This was a nice reminder of what temperatures we were now operating in through training.

These lessons on Monday were to prepare us for the day on Tuesday, Foggin Tor. Foggin Tor is a day long exercise with the mountain leaders on Dartmoor. During this day 189 troop partook in many different cliff assaults and climbs with and without kit, using numerous techniques and equipment supplied by the Mountain Leaders. Not much could prepare the troop for the last evolution of the day! The river crossing. Possibly the coldest moment in training so far. With this, the Mountain Leaders had us strip down naked and put on full goretex clothing with just our trainers. We then have to attach our begins to a rope across the river and do our best to push and swim with it to the other side. Not the most pleasant experience but a great learning curve for the whole troop. In all, the day was a good way to learn different techniques that the Royal Marines use for assaults and moving around difficult surroundings.

After this, 189 troop used Wednesday to do admin in time for Final Ex on the Thursday of week 26. This was our last exercise to apply all our knowledge and skills and show the training team that we can perform to a Royal Marine level.

For a Final Ex we moved around many training areas applying all the parts of training we knew and remembered. We started in Bovington training area, then moved to Dartmoor. From Dartmoor we were taken aboard HMS Bulwark and conducted training manoeuvres with the Amphibious Assaults Group before conducting a last Troop attack on Scrasedon Fort.

Week 26 and week 27 was a huge moment in 189 troops career as Royal Marine Recruits. It signified that we have taken on board what the training team has taught us and put into real life experiences. With the training team working closely along side us throughout the exercise it gave us all a boost as to what Unit life will be like when we pass out.


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