191 Troop Week 22

Week 22 adventure training/ build up to Ex Violent Entry

This week saw the troop complete a series of enrichment/adventurous activities, including surfing, mountain biking and kayaking.

The week started with our transit to North Devon. It was an early start on Monday morning, it was left to 4 section to load the AT stores. After this we where transported to RM Chivenor, we then received a brief on our week’s itinerary. On Monday 1 section was surfing, 2 was mountain biking, and 3 was kayaking. Each activity was fun and challenging in its own way, and despite the cold weather of January we still got stuck in and enjoyed ourselves. It was emphasised to us throughout the week that “you get out what you put in” the troop took this on board and as a result we had a good time.

This week is a great week for the troop to relax and recuperate before the upcoming exercise violent entry. In addition to the adventurous activities that we completed, the week also had some down time and a chilled out atmosphere, our training team corporals where relaxed and even took part in the activities with us. There was even an opportunity for the troop to bond ashore, going for an evening meal with the DS.

In summary, we all enjoyed ourselves, learnt new skills, and we had some needed time to rest up and get our heads in the game for Ex Violent Entry.


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