193 Troop Week 16

193 Troop Diary

Week 16

This week was our first week in phase two of training. Also this week we had our first fully tactical exercise as we enter the soldering phase of training.

To start Monday off, we had a signals practical exam where everyone passed with no problems, as we had spent numerous hours the week before being taught how to set up and use the various radios. After the signals exam we had our first bottom field phys session carrying a rifle (in preparation for bottom field pass out). The whole troop managed to complete their fireman’s carries. However this was not the case when it came to doing full re-gains above the dreaded tank, where a number of the lads ended up going for a dip (not nice this time of year). To finish off the day we had a practical based lecture on captured persons. We were taught the responsibilities that go with dealing with a prisoner of war or detainee and also how they are to be detained.
Finally we were back at the accommodation packing our kit ready for exercise first base which started the very next day.

We departed for exercise first base via Royal Navy Seaking helicopters. It was a pretty amazing experience even if it was absolutely chucking it down with rain. Upon arrival to Woodbury Common we went about setting up a tactical harbour in our four sections. Then in our sections we went off practicing patrolling with our section corporals. This prepared us for the long night ahead where we did our first night reconnaissance patrol gathering vital information on an enemy location which we had been given as a scenario.

Again we went off in our four sections, again patrolling, however this time we had the scenario of coming under contact. The main aim of the day was practicing fire and manoeuvre drills. We spent hours practicing coming under contact and throwing ourselves in all of the gorse that Woodbury Common has to offer (the most fun I’ve had personally on an exercise).

Thursday and Friday
In the day we mainly went over the setting up and running of an observation post (OP). This was in preparation for what we had coming that night.
Later that night in our sections lead by our section corporals and I/C’s, we went on to create an OP looking over a known enemy location (another scenario in the exercise). We kept up the observation routine until the early hours of Friday morning when we came under contact from the enemy.
After having broken contact and returning back to our harbour, we had a few hours to prepare for our five mile speed march back to camp.
We smashed the speed march and finished our first exercise in phase two, all set for our long weekend.


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