198 Troop Week 5

This week saw our second deployment to Woodbury Common on Ex QUICK COVER where we learnt basic field craft skills such as camouflage and concealment, judging distance as well as the basics of fire and manoeuvre in the form of a close quarter battle (CQB) lane.
The exercise continued at the usual pace. After being given a demonstration of what is too much, too little and just right we were given forty minutes to apply camouflage to ourselves and take cover in some of the foliage. Half of the Troop then had to try and locate us which also worked on their observation skills. We then had a practice run through of the CQB lane, learning how to work in pairs without ammunition in order to focus on the correct drills.
On our second night in the field the weather really came in. The temperature dropped to just above freezing and it began to hail. This really hit home how important it is to have good admin when in the field as we then had to wake up early in the morning to prepare for our kit muster, not a comfortable experience given the conditions.
We then moved on to do the CQB in pairs with blank ammunition. This was exciting for most of the Troop as this is exactly what we joined up to do. It was a challenge to remember all the weapons drills we had been taught, combined with the fire and manoeuvre skills whilst the adrenaline was pumping. This was the highlight of the exercise and we look forward to developing these skills as training progresses.
The week finished off with the long awaited families’ day. It was nice to be able to demonstrate to our families the skills we have learnt over the past 5 weeks as well as giving them a chance to experience our home for the remaining 27 weeks. We now have a week on camp learning map reading and first aid before deploying into the field again to work on the skills we have learnt.


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