198 Troop Week 4


Week 04 began with the more weapons lessons in preparation for the Weapon Handling Test at the end of the week. The drills are becoming easier as we grow in confidence handling the SA80 and the test at the end of the week presented no major difficulties for the Troop.

On Tuesday we deployed into the field for Ex QUICK COVER, our first night away from camp. This was largely a teach exercise, involving an amusing lesson on maintaining hygiene in the field, eating rations and the duties of a sentry. We then spent a night in a woodblock, fortunately it did not rain so we had no opportunity to practise the dreaded wet and dry drills.

The following morning we had our first kit inspection in the field which hit home just how much we will need to work in order to administer ourselves to the required standard when deployed in the field so that we are fit to fight when needed. We then marched back to CTC. Although this was an introductory march with little weight, the difference in leg size between some of us and the Troop Commander proved slightly challenging.

We know look forward to progressing with our next field exercise and in particular families’ day at the end of the week for a very welcome respite from the rigorous training programme


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