198 Troop Week 1 + 2

On Dec 1st, 46 young men from all over Britain took the first step in order to become Royal Marines Commandos. Under the careful watch of Cpl Kelly and CSgt Flintoff, we began to be moulded into a functional team. The skills we learnt during our time in foundation are essential, necessary and tedious; little did we know as we stepped off the train that this would be our way of life for the next 32 weeks. One of the first things we learnt at CTC was that life is made much easier being in possession of a fully functional iron.

The basic skills came at us thick and fast and, as the training team constantly reminded us, we had to become ‘sponges’ in order to assimilate the vast amount of information. As foundation progressed, sleep became less important and we gradually got more efficient at our personal administration. We were then introduced to the infamous tank in order to practice wet and dry routine, a key skill of the Royal Marines Commando. This night in field conditions highlighted the importance of the need for good personal admin skills to ensure we are able to function in the field over the coming weeks.

The days were long but the first two weeks of foundation flew by, there remain 30 weeks of training before we will get the chance to earn our long-coveted green berets.


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