197 Troop Week 5


1. Unusually we inserted into the field on a Sunday so we could have everything wrapped up ready for Christmas leave on Thursday. From the start of Ex QUICK COVER we were introduced to bank ammunition giving the Exercise a new sense of realism. The Exercise also introduced us to Peter’s pool, the first wet obstacle on the Endurance course, enabling us to put our wet and dry routine into practice. This is where we change into our dry rig for sleeping, but then have to put our wet working rig back on again when we get up. Once we occupied the Troop harbour it was heads to Z’s ready for the next day.

2. The battle lessons the following day covered many of the key individual skills that will enable us to become more efficient and tactical with our drills. Firstly coving why things are seen with the helpful mnemonic of the 6 S’s, this was put into practice with an observation stance and walk through. The Troop was then introduced to the fundamentals and got to practice camouflage and concealment, as well as various methods and aids to judging distance. We also covered an in depth lecture on navigation in particular direction and the use of mils, which the military use instead of degrees for greater accuracy. As night descended we did some revision on the Troop’s SOP’s for the occupation of a Troop harbour position and went into sentry and work routines for the night.

3. The next day we were introduced to tactical movement, as well as fire and manoeuvre, as individuals and in pairs. This was an excellent opportunity to start putting all the weapons drills and training into a real context. With the training completed our Troop Commander led us on a nice brisk 5 miler back to camp with some extra phys thrown in for good measure. On completion it was time for a doby (wash), some scran (food) and then the mad rush to get kit deserviced and still get some head down (sleep).

4. Wednesday’s main aim was focused around rehearsals for families’ day the following day. The day consisted of double periods of IMF (Introductory Military Fitness) in the Gym and drill, ensuring come families’ day we were “smart as a guard, but twice as hard”.

5. With the day finally arriving the Troop was buzzing to see our families and demonstrate what we had learnt and achieved during our time at CTCRM so far. Both drill and IMF were well received and gave a good insight into what it is we are actually doing. With the demonstrations completed, there was just a cheeky 10 rope climbs to do once the families had left the gym and we bomb burst at break neck speed for some hard earned Christmas leave


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