194 Troop Week 13

194 Troop Week 13 Recruit Training Diary.
Week 13 was another busy week for 194 Troop. Monday started with our ‘Introduction to Bottom Field.’ Having returning from Normandy in the early hours we were expecting (or at least hoping) to ease into this new form of PT with a gentle introduction. Needless to say we were left somewhat stunned when the PTI informed us that we were going to complete a mock ‘Bottom Field Pass Out’ there and then.
As if this wasn’t enough of an assault on our lungs, we then went on to receive our CS gas exposure as part of our CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) training, quite an unpleasant experience for the Troop!
On Tuesday we deployed on Exercise BAPTIST WALK with the aim of brushing up on our skills prior to Exercise BAPTIST RUN next week. As part of the exercise we conducted static map[] reading, stalking and observation stances before completing a night navigation exercise (some of the Troop being far more successful than others!)
The following day we conducted an 8 mile load carry back to camp. The morning rain added to the weight to our kit and a few struggled with the pace, however it was all good practice for the 8 mile Combat Fitness Test which we will take on next week.
On Thursday we moved onto a grenade throwing serial at the local range. The Troop thoroughly enjoyed it – despite being told that we all throw like schoolgirls! More Bottom Field followed and we have all decided that we enjoy this more Combat orientated PT a lot more than the gym, even though the work rate has intensified.
On Friday the emphasis shifted once more, this time to ‘Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)’ . We travelled to RNAS Yeovilton and conducted ‘dunker’ drills after lectures and safety briefs. To complete the afternoon, 194 Troop carried out live training on the Sea King Mk IV to qualify us to use helicopters in future training serials.
The weekend involved more Bottom Field to get us practiced in the techniques that we will require for Bottom Field Pass out. Overall it’s been another busy, enjoyable (mostly) and varied week. We now look forward to proving our worth on Exercise BAPTIST RUN, the final exercise of Phase 1 training.


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