193 Troop Week 14

193 Troop Recruit Diary week 14

After a short 2-week Christmas leave, 193 Troop were faced with an intensive Week 14. To help blow the cobwebs away from leave we started off with a cheeky double session of phys on bottom field.

Monday afternoon we had a CBRN lecture which explained the preventions against toxic gasses. We went through NAPS pills, combi pens and warning signs.

Tuesday we had our first signals lectures which was a full day’s worth. We learnt voice procedures, contact reports and sit reps. We also played with the PRR radios and learnt how to fully use them to communicate with each other. This evening was the start to our test exercise, Ex Baptist Run, so we had our first kit muster in the drill shed.

Wednesday we had a 4 mile speed march with 21lbs of kit and rifle only a couple of lads had a problem completing the march, but they will have a re-run are next week. Straight after completing the march we had to get ready for exercise Baptist Run. After loading the stores and bergans on to the 4-tonner, we got a coach to Woodbury Common. We got straight on with the exercise completing cam and con, stalking, observation stances, fire control orders, map stance and target indication. The troop got split in to half so the stances could get completed in time before we the light faded.

The first night we had a night navigation, we had time to complete a route card before setting off into the night. This was a successful evening for all the lads completing the night nav exercise on time.

Second day in the field, first thing was a kit muster to start the day off. Followed by another map reading stance. The 2 groups switched over and whoever hadn’t completed the stances from the day before did so. Also another cam and con and a stalk was conducted.

On the second night we had yet another night navigation march, same detail as the night before route card completed and a slightly longer night nav. Again, all recruits were successful.

The last day in the field was a quick morning with kit musters and a collapse of the team base. Everything was loaded on to the 4 tonner and kit was weighed for the CFT back to camp. The CFT was an 8-mile load carry with 49 lbs of kit and rifle which had to be completed in 2 hours, a successful event with only 1 drop out. The rest of the day was left to us to de-service our kit ready for the last kit inspection on Saturday morning.

Saturday we started with the kit muster then straight to arms drill. This was a good freshen up as we haven’t had drill in a few weeks, getting ready for our phase one pass out next Friday.
Having completing drill we finished the week with yet another cheeky bottom field session, most of the lads were tired and had sore feet but we all gritted our teeth and completed a full run-through followed by a circuit but not one person complained about how much they were hanging out and just got on with it. The run-through was 1 rope climb, assault course in 5 minutes, 200 meter fire mans carry and a full regain above the tank all with 15lbs in webbing.

All in all, an extremely full week but an enjoyable and successful week. Looking forward now to next week and finishing with Phase 1.


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