189 Troop Week 25

189 Troop Diary Week 25
Week 25 began on the Sunday afternoon with the remaining 22 members of the troop mounting onto a coach for a week long trip to HMS Raleigh, in Plymouth, for our introduction to what we came here to do. Amphibious warfare.
HMS Raleigh is the Navy’s phase one training centre. There is a long standing banter between the Royal Marines and the Navy, so we were instructed to be on best behaviour. However, we encountered problems within the first hour at dinner; they didn’t serve large enough portions and seconds were strictly not allowed! Day 1 ended with some rather hungry recruits and a slightly richer shop on camp.
Monday and Tuesday were spent learning how to put fires out on a ship and sea survival. After death by PowerPoint we did get hands on with the fire extinguishers and hoses and played Fireman Sam for a while. The survival lessons taught us how to launch life rafts from ship and then what there is available to keep us alive for a time until help arrives.
Wednesday introduced us to shooting the Light Machine Gun (LMG) for the first time with live rounds, on one of HMS Raleigh’s ranges. Shooting time is always enjoyable and to make things even better the afternoon ended with some much needed phys.
The weather decided to deteriorate for our morning of amphibious training. Dressed in goretex and boots (going commando) we were invited to jump into freezing water, enter a Zodiac then capsize it before re-righting it and ending the drill. In typical fashion of letting people know we’re there, we set off the fire alarm in the changing rooms warming up in the showers, sending a sea of Navy recruits out the building and 189 troop casually strolling out in various states of undress. Sunshine troop was again basking in sun for the afternoon of beach assaults from landing craft, ORCs and Zodiac.
The last day was a treat after learning to fast rope we were taken to the China Fleet Country Club where we could relax and enjoy what the pool, steam room and saunas had to offer us.


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