195 Troop Week 9

195 Troop Diary
9 Week Overview
Foundation feels like an age away, and the basics we were taught in those initial two weeks are second nature to (most of) us now. The rate at which training is delivered is rapid. This is good as it immerses you in learning the soldiering profession. The range of lessons is impressive and the way they are taught is excellent. We have completed weapons training one morning and maths and English in the afternoon. There is always room for thought and questions in order for us to understand how such skills are applied in real time situations.
We have lost a number of original members of the Troop for various reasons such as opting out and injury. The Troop has bonded well in such a short period of time. Since we moved into the main accommodation in Week 3 you get to know everyone individually, especially those within your ten man Section. The mix of personalities and backgrounds benefits the Troop and has created a strong team ethos. This can be observed in our work rate and competitiveness which usually manifests itself in the gym.
We have all welcomed the cooperation that is reinforced in training. Everyone looks after each other and the stronger members provide extra assistance for tasks such as map reading and key skills such as maths or English. This has allowed the Troop to progress together and at a fast rate.
Field exercises have progressed and we find ourselves on Woodbury Common every other week (although it feels more regular than that). Most recently we have focused on navigation. We have all learnt lessons quickly when putting it into practice in the field and we are growing in confidence. Our soldiering skills are also developing; the most enjoyable part has been the stalk that was conducted on Exercise Marshall Star. The Mountain Leaders also took us for survival training which was interesting and we look forward to putting the skills into practice.
The Troop gained a high superior grade for Gym Passout in Week 9 which we were very proud of. We are all looking forward to Christmas leave and, with some trepidation, Exercise Hunters Moon on Dartmoor, which will occupy us for the first week after leave.


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