189 Troop Week 20 and 21

189 Troop Diary Week 20
Week 20 met 189 troop with the much anticipated bottom field pass out, confident although nervous we all knew we could do it and most of the troop did, a few having to rerun the following day. With bottom field out the way the attention turned to the First Drill Leaders inspection on the Tuesday morning which unfortunately didn’t go as well as bottom field pass out did resulting in over half of the troop failing.
This had unknowingly changed the weeks layout for the troop. After spending a good few days with the Assault Engineers learning the basics of building sandbag walls and barbed wire fences the time had come were 189 troop met their punishment for embarrassing their new Drill Leader and previous events.
It came in the form of the famous but much dreaded mud run. At 1500 with full kit we made our way to the regain tank where all our training team were waiting for us, this was a bad sign. We dropped most our kit, picked up 4 logs and made our way to the estuary. Week 20 was the week 189 troop lost their mud run virginity.

189 Troop Diary Week 21
Monday was the start of our MATT 9 training on counter IED (Improvised Explosive Device). Due to a lot of former operations counter IED has become a very big thing as IED was one of the main weapons used by insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq. Throughout the whole morning and part of the afternoon we learnt some of the different IEDs have being used and the different methods employed to stop them. On that afternoon we had our test on MATT 9. During the evening we went to the AE compound up on top field to learn how to conduct a detailed personnel search properly and on a vehicle as well.
The rest of the week was mainly learning MUC clearing out different types of buildings and compounds. Starting from the basic then moving onto more complex drills, then throughout most of it is more self learning on how to move around a room or a corridor, making sure you’re thinking for yourself where you can be most useful and where’s the best place to be.
On the Thursday the troop did an 8mile load carry the 70lbs inside our bergans, the 8mile load carry is mainly practice for Violent Entry and 12mile load carry on week 24 which is a criteria test.


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