194 Troop Week 6

Week 6 was followed directly after exercise “Quick Cover”, and is nick-named “death by lectures”. Good week in all. We’ve had a lot of map reading lessons that are pretty good because, for a lot of us, it’s one of the few times you can really concentrate on learning without fear of correctional PT. A funny moment from the week was when one Rct struggles doing his battle swimming test (the BST) and the Corporal had to jump in the water and save him! Everyone had a good laugh. Obviously we’ve had a few phys sessions through the week but nothing too bad. Exercise Marshall Star is on Monday so everybody is thinking through everything we’ve been taught to try their best not to get flanked next week. Welcome to the Marines. We’re all loving it, it’s a good laugh with some great lads, but by God have we finally started to realise what we’ve signed up to. All worth it though… So far


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