193 Troop Week 11

193 Tp Recruit Diary Week 11

Week 11 was the start of our 2-week shooting package at Straightpoint ranges. Monday morning commenced with an early start loading all of our kit unto the wagons and then heading off to the ranges. When arriving, we were briefed up about how to operate around the site and where we needed to carry out our sentry duties throughout the day. After this we met the Combat Marksmanship Team who guided us on how to zero our weapon system on the 100 metre range from different firing positions which included prone position, kneeling unsupported and standing unsupported. The main aim of this was to find out each others individual point of aim on the target. Whilst others weren’t shooting on the range, other recruits were shown how to set up the targets and mark correctly where the firers were hitting to give them feedback.

Tuesday morning began with a phys session at 7:15 which gave us an insight to some aspects of the bottom field, mainly the fireman’s carry over 200 metres. Then after this we carried out the rest of the day on the ranges once again. We were firing this time from 200 metres and then 300 metres. At this point we all began to have a good understanding of our own points of aim for each firing position, also how to take the wind into consideration so that our shots would land on target.

Wednesday we were introduced to the Electric Target Range (ETR) where we would eventually be carrying out our Annual Combat Marksmanship Test (ACMT) which we all have to pass. We also used the indoor range which basically is an indoor electronic target range which was a very useful source to help improve our shots on the ETR. The ETR range is split into 100m, 200m and 300m targets which are electronic and will either fall when hit or can be held up while being shot at. We carried out our mock ACMT to give us an insight as to what the ACMT will be like and to see how quickly we will have to get into position to get shots off before the targets disappear.

Thursday morning started with yet another phys session at 7:15, this time in addition to the fireman’s carries we were introduced to the bottom field ropes due to them being slightly thicker than the ones we were used to in the gym. After the phys session, the majority of the day, once again, took place on the ETR range, very similar to Wednesday, just gaining more and more practice, overall there was a greater performance from the troop. After we had finished on the ETR we moved across to another range so that we were able to fire from 400 metres which everyone passed although this seemed quite challenging.

Later that night we then had a night shoot which was only from 50 metres but from all 3 firing positions which we had been taught.

Friday commenced with more phys which was more challenging compared to the other sessions throughout the week. Following phys, we then moved to the ETR once again where we had a final practice to ensure we knew our points of aim prior to taking the ACMT the following week. The day finished early at around 2:00 pm when we cleaned the area, packed our kit and returned to CTCRM for the weekend ready to begin the second of the 2-week package on Monday.

A good week’s shooting overall and hopefully looking forward to everyone passing the test next week.


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