193 Troop Week 9

On Monday morning we had our first Battle Fitness Test (BFT) session in boots which most of the troop found to be harder than expected. The BFT is a run which is a total of 3 miles where the first mile and a half is done as a troop at speed-march pace, to be completed together in fifteen minutes. The second phase is then immediately done as a best individual effort, which means everyone should arrive at the ends feeling exhausted as they have all tried to get their best time.
Later on that day we then had First Aid lectures to help us prepare for our upcoming exams. In the evening we had extra IMF sessions in which we practiced our sharpness of movements ready for our gym pass-out which would take place on Friday.
On Tuesday we had our Operational First Aid exam where we were tested on what we have learnt whilst treating someone in an “operational” environment. The exams went well as the whole troop managed to pass it without any problems. After this we had another double IMF session where we went through a practice run for our gym pass-out before a relatively early finish when we could catch up on our personal administration. In the evening we had a more relaxed IMF session to run over sharpness of movement once again.
Wednesday started with our non-operational First Aid exam which went well as the troop had passed ok. We found this test easier as there was less to remember. Another double IMF session took place where we practiced more for our gym pass-out on Friday where we were aiming for a distinction pass as a troop.
Thursday morning began with a foot care lecture from our troop sergeant before a lecture on Royal Marines history. We then had a nice relaxing IMF session in which we relaxed and stretched our muscles. More stretching was done in the pool afterwards before finishing the day with a couple of lectures.
Friday morning started with our gym pass-out which was very hard as everyone put in 100% effort. In the end, as a troop we performed very well overall and everyone passed with the troop gaining a “High Superior” grade. There were 2 individuals who managed to get a PT Superior.
Later that day we had a lecture on training on Dartmoor as our next exercise will take place there as from Monday. This gave us a good idea of what to expect in the week ahead.
Following this we had a period of RM Close Combat training which is always fun as we learn interesting techniques on how to immobilise the enemy. The day then finally finished with our first arms drill which was enjoyable because it was good to have a change from normal drill although holding the rifle in some positions was a struggle for everyone.
Everyone is now looking forward to navigating across Dartmoor for the first time before going on to practice survival training at the end of next week.


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