192 Troop Week 8 – 12

Recruit Troop Diaries for 192 Tp

Week 8

The week begin with a 4 mile run and an IMF session in preparation for gym pass out in the following week focusing on technique a lot and positions. We were joined by a lad from Hunter as well who was preparing for his re test for gym pass out. Once phys had been completed to a high standard we were feeling good for gym pass out but told there will still needs to be extra sessions after the working days to really bring it together.

The next day consisted of a three hour RMCC session that was enjoyable at the start including how to do take downs and throw punches properly at the end. The week as a whole though was going well with everyone trying to dig out in the evenings with inspections of the grots in preparation for OC rounds on Wednesday.

Tuesday night meant that things need to be prefect completing personal admin of lockers to a high standard and then getting round the accommodation at night and early in the morning for hours. By the time of the inspection we were mostly feeling confident that we had put in a good effort for our training team. Report of the inspection from the OC went really well and everyone took a chuck up.

On Thursday the troop had another really good day, Getting off camp and having a day with the MLs this meant the requirement for a perfectly clean rust free and sharp as possible clasp knives. Once at the MLs there was an inspection and a little bit of remedial encouragement for those that failed. After this the troop started to switch on and had a good day learning about different shelters, survival kits water purification, traps and many other things but teaching on all things needed to know to survive within the wild. This would all be put into practice on hunter’s moon.

Friday consisted of IMF, map reading and working on rejections, after a bit of extra gym time in the evening to go there movements for gym pass out the day was done and we started to prepare basses for the working weekend detail of drill and a corps history lectures. Those went quick and it was good to be doing different drill. Completing some arms drill with the rifle which was something new to start.

Week 9

Week 9 heralded the fact that gym pass out was upon us and we all wanted good results in this, to show all the hard work our PTI had been putting in too us and land on a good foot down on bottom field.

Monday began with a 3 mile BFT (basic fitness test) which was ran in our boots and military trousers, most lads beating the original times and feeling good for it.. That night we got a bit of an early night. Tuesday was all about our RMFA (royal marine fitness assessment). This went well as a troop and many of the lads maxing out on all the tests. Again most people beating there original score especially on the bleep test.

The rest of the week flew by with more lectures, drill and bits of phys here and there. There was also our first aid and map reading exams, again with passes all-round. Thursday night came, and with the knowledge that we had been put forward for a distinguished pass in the Gym, it was time for an early night. So this was the big day for our Gym Pass Out – 9 had been put forward as gym superiors and we were all ready to go. Thanks to some music to help pump us up we went down to the gym for what turned out to be one of the most intense physical sessions of training so far. The session included four corners, team games, liveners, a camp circuit, sit-ups, ropes, another camp circuit, beam sequence, sprints and more ropes and that was it – we had finished gym pass out! After a shower when we got back to the accom we waited nervously on the landing to be told what are score was. We achieved high superior pass and just missed out on distinction. But this was still a really good result.
With the end of the weekending on a high we where giving are shore leave which gave us time to prep for hunter’s moon next week.

Week 10
The beginning of this week saw the Tp deploy on the dreaded EX HUNTER’S MOON on Dartmoor. The Exercise consisted of an insertion march, 2 days of navigation exercises during the day and the night and a ‘yomp’ to a different area for a 2 day survival exercise.
The initial 7 km march with webbing, rifle and a day sack quickly broke us in for carrying vast amounts of kit. It also gave us a small taste of navigation for the number of navigation exercises to come. The first navigation serial was a day time exercise in sections, with our Section Corporals there to aid us if we were severely off course. The second was a night navigation exercise of similar accord. The third was a day time teach again similar to the others but with more learning and guiding involved.

The final one being a little more challenged going out in fire teams and navigating at night by our own making sure we hit all the points but mostly making sure we made it back to the scout hut within the three hours.

Once the navigation side of the exercise was finished we completed the extraction yomp to the survival stage which consisted of a long painful night for most as it was the first time we had carried our full Bergen for a distance. This tested a lot of the lads but nearly all made it to the end feeling good for knowing what we can actually do.

The next morning we were stripped of our gear and left with the clothes we were wearing, a clasp knife and our survival tin, this is when we made our shelters and tried to get a fire going put into practice what we learnt two weeks ago. Later on in the day the ML arrived and judged our work most weren’t up too standard. Once inspired we learnt how to prepare chicken and fish to survive out in the field, learning how to gut, skin and what to eat and what to throw away.

After horrible weather all week on this exercise we learnt that survival in the harsh conditions on Dartmoor is challenging and everyone felt though had put a good effort in trying to survive as best as possible.

The next day we completed another extraction yomp to the TCVs to go back to Lympstone.

Week 11 & 12

Week 11 and 12 were spent conducting our shooting package at Straight Point Ranges.

Week 11 started with the CMT (Combat Marksmanship Team) teaching us about points of aim on a target, which changes over different distances. The CMT also showed us different firing positions like the prone position and kneeling positions. Throughout the week we did several different shoots at 100m, 200m, 300m, and 400m. We also conducted a night shoot at 50m, all these shoots were preparing us for our ACMT (annual combat marksmanship test) at the end of the week. The ACMT went well with the whole Troop passing and six of the Troop getting the marksmanship award for excellent shooting.

Week 12 was more focused on close quarter shooting. There was several close quarter shoots at distances of 25m, 20m, 15m ,and 10m, with styles of shooting including quick reaction shooting on 1 and 2 targets. That week also included a respirator shoot at 100m which was shooting a target wearing a gas mask. We also learned how to use our bayonets on sandbags (imitating the enemy), just in case we ever needed to.

Week 12 ended with a trip to Normandy in France, to go on a battlefield tour of events that happened in World War 2. We see places like Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery which was a once in a lifetime experience.


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