191 Troop Week 14

We started off the week with a double session on the bottom field, in order to hone our skills on the obstacles ready for our bottom field assessment on week 15. The session consisted of 2 rope climbs and then constant circuits of the assault course. Then in the afternoon we had a full day of lectures on signals, the basics of radios and such things.
When Wednesday came around we started the day with a criteria test, the 4 mile speed march. Then after we completed that we had a small amount of time to prepare our stores and load it onto the lorries ready to deploy onto Exercise Baptist Run.
During the exercise we had to show all of the skills we had learnt during phase 1 training. And show that we could do them to the correct standard. This included:
•2 observation posts
•4 kit musters
•2 night navigation tasks
•2 fire control orders
•2 target indication tasks
•2 stalks
•2 map stances
It was a hard exercise, but that was because we all tried so hard at everything. As it was all an assessment, which we all desperately wanted to pass.
After the two night assessments in the field. We had to complete a criteria 8 mile CFT with a 45lb bergan, back to Lympstone. Then when we got back to camp, we had to unload our stores wagons and return all equipment that we had used. We did this as fast as we could, so that we would have as much time as possible to deservice all our personal kit. Ready for the post exercise kit muster in the morning.
The next morning on Saturday we had our kit inspection. Which went well as a troop average. We all then accumulated on the landing ready to receive a debrief of the exercise, and carry on with weekenders.
In summary I believe that this week has gone well. Due to the fact that it was a difficult week both physically and mentally. However we have proved to ourselves that we are capable of achieving the standards.


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