187 Troop Week 22-23

187 Troop Week 22 -23

The week started with adventure training in North Devon, where the troop participated in a number of activities. The troop was split into 3 groups to make the numbers even for each physical activity.
The first activity was mountain biking, which was a bit of a hang out, but very enjoyable! The instructor took us around the countryside were we went up and down some challenging hills.
The second activity was kayaking. We set off in the estuary and travelled about 8k to the sea. Once we hit the sea, we then started to surf the waves which managed to capsize everyone.
The last exercise, which the majority of people found most enjoyable, was surfing. We travelled the North Devon sea were we spent hours attempting the surf the 8-10ft waves. Least to the average time spent on a board was about 3 seconds. This was the last bit of enjoyment before the exercise Violent Entry.
Thursday started with the assault engineers teaching ways to defend buildings and areas which we would later put into practise. The exercise didn’t start until late evening. We loaded the coach in the evening then set of on a 3 hour journey to South Wales. It was least to say the atmosphere was not the usual mood.
We got of the coach in the middle of Sennybridge and we collected all our bergans and set off on our first 10k yomp. After about 8 hours we reached out first harbour. This was a massive relief to get the Bergen off your back! For the next few days, different sections were tasked with different things to do, such as conducting recces or fighting patrols.
On the Friday, we conducted our second yomp to Celini Village. Each section were lined out and everyone was ready to advance into village, eliminating the enemy and taking over the village. Later in the morning, each section had a house to defend, and each section put out defensive perimeter, e.g. Barbed wire- etc. For the next 3 days, each section protected the house from all incoming enemies.
On the Monday, orders were given for a couple of sections to conduct recces on the grid given. Once these were completed, all information was given to the troop commander and then orders were given to the troop about how the attack on Village 1 was going to go.
The troop set off at 5am, we yomped to the beginning of the assault. The bergans were dropped, and the attack began. Once this was complete, that was the last actions done on the exercise, and the finish to the week.


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