187 Troop Week 21

187 Week 21
The beginning of this week was not like any normal Monday, this week 187 troop with 24 men strong had doubled in size to nearly 50 men due to a recent troop amalgamation over the weekend. The rest of the day consisted of lectures to prepare us for the modern urban combat package, which would be taking place over the entirety of the week.
Tuesday the troop headed down to the Modern Urban Combat (MUC) Compound located on the premise of CTCRM, which consisted of a series of roofless buildings imitating an urban environment. This begain the first time the original 187 troop recruits had been down here so their day consisted of learning the basics such as stacking, two man room entries, rolling, blowing and the basics of clearing a room with either two men or up to four. Whilst the original 187 where doing this, those who had been before where running through what they had already learnt and went through the compound using simulation rounds.
After spending the whole day learning the basics and more on Tuesday; on Wednesday we were introduced to simulation rounds which consisted of going through the compound using the ammunition, first against wooden targets and then moving onto a live enemy who fired back. From that we cleared the compound in our sections, each time dealing with different situations in which we had to overcome and carry out the correct drills, learning and conducting basic room entries to how to handle non-combatant occupants in the rooms.
Thursday consisted of an 8 mile load carry across Woodbury Common and back into camp carrying 69 pounds worth of issue equipment carried within our bergans and daysacks (back packs). Although many found the load carry to be an unexpected challenge, all passed it, proving they are capable of more. After the load carry the troop moved onto receiving orders off of the Troop Commander for the following attack the next day. After this we went over our roles in our sections, learning what was expected of us and how we were to achieve our aims for the next day.
On Friday the morning was spent preparing for the assault on the compound that would be the end to Urban Warrior and week 21. The plan had been to board Chinook Helicopters to reach our destination but due to complications we were forced to board coaches. Upon arriving we moved into our planned area before attacking the compound. The Troop performed well using all that they had learned and mastered over the week and putting it to good use against an enemy that worked hard to make the clearance as troublesome as possible. Finishing the day we moved back to CTCRM were we handed kit and equipment and the week was then done, and we could begin to prepare and look forwards to adventure training the coming week.


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