185 Troop Week 28

Week 28 of Commando Training is known amongst recruits as ‘Cheeky Week’. This is largely due to the amount of ‘phys’ we do ahead of our Commando Tests. This ‘phys’ however is not the usual Bottom Field or speed marching that we’ve been used to. It’s exercise specific to the Commando Tests, what we’ve trained for since our first session in the gym.

The week started off with a day away from ‘phys’ as we were still recovering from final ex. This meant that we had a few lectures and drill sessions. Our Drill Leader has recently changed to a previous member of the training team who has recently become a DL. It was good to know that he is going to remain with us and pass the troop out in the New Year. We had a Royal Marine Close Combat session where we learnt how to defend ourselves whilst carrying a weapon and body armour without having to use them.

On Wednesday the physical side of the week began to ramp up. Everyday until Saturday we conducted either a full run through of the Endurance Course (including firing on the range at the end) or the Tarzan Assault Course, 10 minutes of sheer pain. Physically it was one of the hardest weeks we have had and most of the troop is still discovering webbing burns or blisters.

Overall it was a hard week but important, giving the practise and exposure to the Commando Tests which seem to be rushing ever closer.


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