185 Troop Week 24

Week 24 is considered quite an exciting week during training. It is our first exposure to the Commando Tests, conducting acquaints of both the Endurance Course and Tarzan Assault. The Endurance was up first and it was the first time anyone had been back there since the PRMC all those months ago. Under the guidance of the PTI we were taken round the course at a steady pace to familiarise ourselves with the route and best techniques to tackle the obstacles. One of these is the infamous ‘sheep dip’, a tunnel sub-merged in water which we are pulled through one at a time by our ‘oppos’. The day we were doing this also fell on the Corps Birthday, the 28th of October. With it being the 350th anniversary the Training Team had a small surprise awaiting us on the other side. Once we cleared the obstacle we moved over to a table draped in the Corps Flag and given a shot of port with a toast to the Royal Marines. Before we knew what had happened we were back on the Endurance Course, crawling through the remainder of the tunnels. Once we had conducted our practise run it was a best effort lap before running as a whole back to camp.
The next acquaint was an introduction to the ‘Commando Slide’, a rope slide at the very start of the Tarzan Assault Course, and the 30ft wall. After a full demonstration of what to do it was then down to us to gain as much speed down the slide (great fun!) and climb the wall as fast as possible.
Aside from the physical introductions we also got our hands on the light machine gun (LMG). We were taught the parts of the weapon system, its characteristics and drills. Being very similar in the way it works to a GPMG, the troop picked it up relatively quickly.
The final challenge of the week was the 12 mile load carry. This was a march where every man had to carry no less the 69lbs in weight across the local lanes of Woodbury and Lympstone. In true 185 Tp fashion, the weather was perfect and we managed to enjoy a spot of sunshine along the 4 and a half hour course. It was good to see the troop mentors along the route who were kindly handing out some much needed morale in the form of chocolate bars. For the final stretch the pace picked up so that we could make it back in time for lunch. It was good to see that as the troop crossed the finish everyone was still accounted for meaning we had achieved a 100% pass.
Overall it was a successful week that provided us with an insight of what is likely to come as we near our Commando Tests.


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