195 Troop Week 5

This week began with a 0700 booted run around the local lanes. This was the first time we had run in boots, we found this a little uncomfortable but have been assured that it will get easier.

This week was dominated by Exercise Quick Cover. The Troop found themselves on Woodbury Common once more and were quickly introduced to ‘wet and dry routine’. Seeing as there was no rain to get us wet, local hotspot ‘Peter’s Pool’ was used to ensure we were fully soaked through. The changing into and out of our wet kit through the night as we went on sentry was not particularly comfortable, but when you are in your sleeping bag with dry kit on we understood the need to conduct such drills.

Each morning began with a kit muster whereby the Section Corporals inspect your field kit to ensure it is clean and in working order. I was fortunate to pass despite the high standards required. During the day our Section Corporals taught us various elementary field craft lessons such as judging distance, camouflage and concealment and reaction to enemy fire. The final day of exercise saw us complete Close Quarter Battle training. During this we individually moved down a battle lane that required us to shoot (with blanks) enemy targets. It was excellent to be introduced to the basics of soldiering during this exercise and we are all looking forward to the next stage of training.


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