195 Troop Week 4

This week training has focused on weapons training, specifically stoppage drills in preparation for our weapons handling test. Aside from a few hiccups the whole Troop successfully passed this assessment.

The Troop has also been training for their Battle Swim Test in the pool. Everyone enjoys the training sessions despite being clad in full MTP rig and webbing. The PTIs have also introduced us to the ‘Camp Circuit’, quite simply a sprint around camp. It is not something we want to experience too often.

Tuesday night saw us out on Woodbury Common for Exercise First Step. It was great to get out of camp and experience our fist field exercise. We quickly learnt how easily our kit will rust in the wet conditions and consequently how hard it is to pass a kit inspection. The torrential rain that fell throughout the night also highlighted the ‘cheerfulness in adversity’ value that we require to survive training.

Of particular note this week was Sunday’s Remembrance Parade. It filled us with pride to be able to march on to the parade square with the rest of CTCRM. It also made us, as a Troop, feel more like a part of CTCRM and we were all very humbled to be part of the service.

We are all counting down the days now until Families Day


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