193 Troop Week 8

193 Troop Recruit Diary Week 8

Week 8 brought about the introduction of booted runs for the troop, starting with a 4-mile run on Monday morning, paired with a physical session in the afternoon. With these two physical sessions only being separated by a map reading lecture, it made for a challenging day.

RM Close Combat (RMCC) was the first detail for Tuesday morning, a 3-hour session which the troop learnt a lot from and put into practice on each other. RMCC was followed by first aid lessons for the rest of the day, when we were taught about cold weather injuries, how to recognise and treat them. This is a topic particularly relevant to our troop as we will be going through training in winter and so there is a great likelihood of cold weather affecting us along the way at some point.

Tuesday night and Wednesday morning saw the troop preparing their grots, lockers and the accommodation ready for Company Commander’s rounds on the Wednesday morning. The rounds went well, after rounds had been completed we had our second 4-mile booted run of the week, which tested the troop, especially those who have picked up small injuries and other niggles from the previous run. To round off the day, the troop had a double period of drill taken by the Drill Leaders Course.

On Thursday morning the troop had an Escape and Evasion lecture which was extremely interesting as we learnt how to react in a survival and hostage situation. We then went to Woodbury Common where we had survival training from the Mountain Leaders. The troop was shown the basics required to function in a survival situation. This included how to make firs, find water, make shelters and traps, all of which are skills which we may put into practice on our next exercise, when we go to Dartmoor for the first time – or at any time later in our careers.

Friday kicked off with a Corps History lecture in the morning and was followed by a RM fitness assessment in the gym. As we had already completed this at the start of training, it allowed the troop to see how much fitness they’ve gained or lost in the first 8 weeks of training. On completion of our fitness assessment the troop departed once again to Woodbury Common for a practical map reading session. This allowed us to put what we had learnt into practice doing map to ground work, and also allowed the training team to assess our map reading abilities.

Saturday morning consisted of a 3-hour drill period, again taken by the Drill Leaders course. Drill was followed by a relaxed stretch / swim for the members of the troop who passed their RMFA the day before. For those who had failed to get the required scores in the RMFA, this session was a second attempt to pass. This reiterated what we have been taught so far, it pays to be a winner!

The week was then rounded off with a trip to the tank for those who had to re-do their RMFA.

Some time to ourselves at the weekend, which went far too quickly before we were then once again looking at Sunday night and personal administration ready for Monday Week 9.


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