189 Troop Week 18

189 Troop Diary Week 18

At the start of the week we had found out that 5 lads were leaving. This set the tempo for the oncoming week and exercise. Bottom field kick started the morning and I overheard one lad say “this is the most gopping session so far”. Getting in the tank has become standard nowadays.

We didn’t leave for exercise til late that day, everyone was under the impression a Helo would be taking us but the trusted white coach turned up. When we arrived we got straight into it with a run through deep puddles and dark conditions, then it started, rain and wind like none of 189 have experienced before on exercise which gave a few lads early exercise wobbles. The week was a mixed bag and there was a lot to take onboard. I think in total I had 5 hours sleep.

We didn’t pull together as a troop and it showed, a trip to the beach during the day for an extended casualty evacuation drill session reminded some members of the Troop the seriousness of a combat situation and did much to reinvigorate focus amongst the lads. We conducted section attacks, ambushes and recce patrols, it was what I had joined to do and with real enemy it was almost realistic. I took a lot from this week including bumps bruises and a tumble down a hill through thorns into barbwire whilst in contact..


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