195 Troop Week 3

195 Troop Diary

Week 3

The week began with a room inspection first thing on Monday morning. Unfortunately the Drill Instructors inspecting were meticulous and found a number of issues with our rooms indicating that we, as a Troop, were not producing the required standard. The Troop was not pleased with themselves. Fortunately, after feedback had been given by the Training Team we were able to re-dress our shortcomings and a second inspection later that day showed a vast improvement.

The week has largely been centred around intense sessions in the gym and swimming pool. These are enjoyable but demanding, especially after slow march practice on the drill square! In between physical training we have had a number of lectures. The change of pace from running around the gym to sitting in a classroom is difficult and the Troop is using all of their energy to stay awake, we understand why we are called ‘Nods’ now.

We have started to learn the basics of our personal weapon, the SA80. Our Section Corporals have shown us how to strip and clean the rifle and we are all looking forward to the next lessons that build us up to firing the weapon.

The week finished with another room inspection. Keen not to let ourselves down like the previous inspection we had a very busy evening and following morning of kit admin. In the morning the Corporals were impressed with the standard of our rooms. We know the high standards required now and don’t want to get it wrong in the future. It has been a busy week that has flown past and we are all looking forward to the Remembrance Parade on Sunday.


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