195 Troop Week 1 & 2

195 Troop Diary

Weeks 1 & 2

October 20th 2014 saw the arrival of 49 new hopefuls of 195 Troop at CTCRM, and it did not disappoint. Week one was every bit as stressful and demanding as promised. I have seen more 0500 starts in the past 14 days than I have in my life so far.

Foundation Phase of training has been fast and furious. We have fallen into the world of routine quickly and living amongst 48 other lads has been an eye opener. Our Drill Leader has been our surrogate mum and has been busy transforming us from lazy, unkempt civilians into sleep-deprived cleaning Jedis. It has been difficult having to learn so many new skills at such a fast pace, but they soon become second nature. The Training Team’s standards are impeccably high and we have to work hard to achieve them, but it feels worthwhile when you do and it is good to have a clear direction and motivation to perform at your highest level.

The Initial Military Fitness in the gym has been tough but enjoyable. The Physical Training Instructors are very professional and want only perfection from the Troop. Staying awake in lectures has been the hardest part so far.

Ex EARLY NIGHT was an introduction to field conditions, sentry and the dreaded ‘wet and dry’ routine. Our Section Corporals taught us how to erect a bivvy and administer ourselves in field conditions. One of the Training Team then demonstrated wet and dry routine which we then replicated, which involves changing out of our wet clothes and putting on dry one before getting into our sleeping bag such that the sleeping system is always kept dry. We were launched into the (less-than-temperate) water tank and then ran over to our kit to strip down and put on dry clothing before getting into our sleeping bags. The worst part then came in the middle of the night when you had to get up to go on sentry and put your wet clothes back on again!

Although it has been a very demanding two weeks the best part has been working with 48 other likeminded individuals from a variety of backgrounds who all want to achieve the same goal. We are all looking forward to progressing out of foundation and into the next phase of training.


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