193 Troop Week 6

193 Troop Recruit Diary Week 6

After having had a nice time at home after Families Day we were straight back into it by learning about First Aid and the Triage System and how to apply tourniquets.
Things continued as normal in the gym as we were back into IMF sessions, as tough as usual.
On Tuesday we had a day of lectures and revision going over First Aid lessons learnt the day before. Also on Tuesday we began our Map Reading lesson package, all of which seemed very confusing to start with.
On Wednesday we had an early start on a 5-mile run which was a struggle for a few of us, but as a Troop we did well overall. After the run we had a lecture from the padre in the church, about the Commando Spirit and as usual we had a rest with coffee, before back into Map Reading which was now becoming less confusing.
We then finished the day with yet another period of IMF in the gym.
On Thursday we went to Straight Point ranges where we conducted our first ever live firing package which was really good; we spent the whole day out learning how to shoot properly and how to improve our shooting from the Marksmanship team.
Coupled with all of our training this week, the Troop was also Duty Troop. This meant that after hours we had cleaning duties – clean the gym, clean the ablutions block, no rest for the weary!
On Friday we had another series of Map Reading lessons, this time learning about taking bearings and making route cards ready for navigation next week on exercise. The whole concept of navigation was now very evident. Friday also included more IMF in the gym and another swimming session when we practiced for our upcoming Battle Swimming test.
Everyone was on duty this evening as it was Halloween and there was a bonfire night in camp which we had to help arrange and sort out for the families who were coming to watch the fireworks display. That all went well but we were not finished yet as afterwards we still had to remain to clean up everything before retiring for the night.
On Saturday morning we had more lessons and practical work on Map Reading when we went to the top field of camp to try to put into practice many of the lessons we had been taught in camp. We had to try to work out where we were from the map, work out by resection our position and we also learnt our own pacing’s over a 100 metre length.
All in all although we have been in camp all week, it has been an extremely busy week with so much information to take in prior to going out again on exercise next week when we will be out for three nights on Woodbury Common – a place we are now becoming very familiar with.


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