192 Troop Week 6 and 7

Recruit Troop Diaries for 192 Tp

Week 6

Week 6 saw the Troop returning back to CTCRM after families day spent and a long weekend spent at home. It was hard to get back into our routine initially but once settled, the Troop was back into the swing of training.

Monday started with boresighting lectures (zeroing sites) and getting a feel for your personal alignment on the SA80 A2. Tuesday was mainly focused around basic first aid and introducing us to various ways to treat Battlefield casualties using tourniquets, celox, FFDs and other treatments.

We were also introduced to the basic fundamentals of map reading, ie grid references, conventional signs and shapes of the ground. Wednesday started off early with a 5 mile run in phys rig. We also had a strenuous IMF session, and a lecture on Commando spirit, reminding us all why we are here and what it takes to be a Royal Marines Commando.

On Thursday we had our first taste of live firing, where we made our transit to Straight Point Ranges. Firing the ammunition from 25m with our SA80s learning and taking up fire positions such as the prone, the seated, the kneeling and the standing and getting a grouping recorded from each position. We unanimously agreed that this was the best day so far of Royal Marines Recruit Training. Friday consisted of swimming and a lot of map reading covering bearings and in depth discussion on the creation and importance of route cards.

Week 7

The weekend was over and week 6 was done. Everyone was anxious but excited to deploy for EX MARSHALL STAR. Bergens on, webbing packed we deployed for our 3 nights in the field. The first thing we did on arrival at Woodbury Common was establish our individual pacing method which would enable us to gauge distance as we navigate. We also had an introduction to the use of night vision equipment and a demonstration on the passage of sound and light at night.

The following morning we presented our usual kit muster ready for inspection. This was so that the training team could check to ensure that we were de-servicing our kit and equipment correctly thus maintaining combat effectiveness in the field. A poor turnout led to a remedial kit relay for members of the Troop that failed the inspection. After lunchtime rations we moved onto the daytimes’ evolutions which involved map to ground lectures, familiarising ourselves with what we learned in the classroom. We then planned route cards for our night navigation detail.

The following morning’s kit muster was much improved and only a few members of the Troop failed the inspection. Immediately following this we conducted a stalk, which we got camouflaged for using our previously taught skills picked up on previous exercises. Later that night we were led into and occupied a tactical Troop harbour, which we later had to defend and conduct a ‘hasty move’ as the training team simulated an attack.

Kit musters followed the next morning prior to a 5 mile extraction march back to CTC carrying 39 lbs and a weapon, whilst stopping to conduct map to ground stances under the direction of the Troop Commander. Arriving back to camp the majority of the Troop completed the Battle Swimming Test prior to de-servicing our kit ready for inspection.

Week 7 done, 25 weeks to go…


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