191 Troop Week 12

Week 12 consisted of 191 Troop being deployed back to straight point range where we had spent the previous week, with about 3/4 of the Troop having already passed our annual combat marksman ship test.

It started off with the remainder of the Troop attempting to pass this while the recruits who had passed proceeded to bomb up mags and prepare their weapons for the days shoot. Within one or two hours everyone of the Troop had passed there criteria weapon test, Happy Days! This then provided the Troop with a whole new challenge in shooting…. With a respirator on! With the lads who hadn’t shot yet suffering from itchy trigger fingers, we proceeded with the days shoot. The whole process of trying to look down your SUSAT with your respirator on proved challenging for some of the Troop, with some failing on multiple times and others passing it first time! By the end of the day the whole Troop had passed and it was time for the daily brass sweep where the whole Troop would scour the range for used cartridges as we suffered some extra press ups last week for the training team finding empty shells!

After a quick inspection by the team we moved back to our grots for a military knowledge test and some Pusser’s hot box scran (evening meal). The rest of the week provided the Troop with a chance to do some close quarters shooting with the use of a foregrip which some individuals found challenging but yet more efficient and accurate, firing from different ranges from 10 metres up to 25 metres, including shooting on the pivot and shooting at multiple targets which the Troop enjoyed!

The Troop was allowed to have a last supper type meal on Thursday night due to good work in the week which consisted of well over £200 being spent on burger kings! Friday was upon us before we knew it which was the easy task of just clearing the site before we left it then de-servicing our kit back at CTC before we departed for France on a battlefield tour!


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