191 Troop Week 11

Week 11 consists of five days at straight point firing range, in order to provide the Troop with the ability to shoot the SA80 at an array of different positions and distances.

We started Monday with packing all our kit onto the wagons and made our way to straight point. When we got there we started the day on the gallery range in order to zero our rifles correctly before shooting. We then started to find our point of aim over the next two days at all different positions and distances. This was so that when we got onto the electronic range on Wednesday and Friday we would know where to aim to pass our ACMT

By Thursday we were well into practicing for our firing test on the Friday morning and people were really hoping for the marksman pass, a badge which be put on our blues at king squad pass out! Then on Thursday night the troop started doing there night shoot with night vision goggles and weapon mounted lasers which everyone seemed to enjoy and found really beneficial.

Then on Friday morning people where ready to go for the introduction to speed marching, which was a real eye opener for a lot of people, but we all managed it okay and by mid morning we had showered eaten and back down the range to start our ACMT test. After preparing our weapons it began…. 14 marksmen later it was completed just before close of play with a few people to retake on Monday due to slight failure by a few dropped shots. So it was back onto the coach after a final brass sweep to CTCRM Lympstone, wondering what next week will bring.


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