189 Troop Week 17

189 Troop Diary Week 17

Week 17 of training started, as is customary for recruit training, hard and fast with a double bottom field session. Hard as this was it turned out to be our only ‘scheduled’ phys session for the entire week, barring an RMCC session Saturday morning, result!

The main focus of this week has been to introduce the troop to the Viking armoured vehicle which is an incredible bit of kit. A 13 tonne armoured fortress that floats! This training took place at Bovington camp, an army camp run by the Royal Tank Regiment, where we spent 3 days.

Our first experience of army scran filled us with envy. In order to be able to use the Viking we as a troop had to pass several tests which involved a crisp packet stuck to our chest to breath from and an underwater obstacle course.

All these evolutions went smoothly apart from a few recruits that decided to inflate their life jacket underwater, not a good idea in a confined space! After our controlled drowning drills we then were able to go out in the Viking and go for a ‘swim’.

It’s quite disconcerting when Sat in the back of a 13 tonne vehicle you see water reaching the rear window. Overall we thoroughly enjoyed the training we received at Bovington. At the end of the week we were privileged to take part in the remembrance Sunday parade on camp in which the whole camp turned out to show their respects for the fallen.

This was an incredibly moving moment and has certainly given us some perspective as to what we go through in training. Overall we have all really enjoyed this week and look forward to exercise second empire next week.


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