189 Troop Week 16

189 Troop Diary Week 16
Week 16 was an exciting week for 189 Troop as it was our first week in phase 2 of training which brought with it added responsibility but also anxieties about whether we would perform. The week started with a signals test on the Bowman 354, followed by some time on the Bottom Field. The beginning of the week also had lectures on Patrols and OP’s which really gave the Troop the sense that we were entering the stage of training that would involve us learning the things we had all come to do.
On Tuesday 189 Troop deployed on exercise First Base which would be our first glimpse into what the Royal Marines are really about. We jumped straight into the exercise and putting into practice what we had learnt in the classroom, we were given a scenario and told to conduct our first Recce that evening. On the second day as sections we conducted Recce’s on locations for our OP’s that we would be setting up the following day.
On the final day of exercise First Base we returned to the sites we had visited the night before and then spent most of the day constructing our OP’s, most of which were barely large enough to squeeze in our four man fire teams. We occupied the OP’s at 19:00 hours with the intention to spend the rest of the night in them observing and recording any activity we spotted in the area. In the middle of the night we were bumped by our training team replicating enemy which meant we had to quickly dismantle our OP’s which hours before we had been working so hard on constructing.


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