RMB 1/14 WEEK 7

Week 7
On Monday we moved to Longomoor camp to start our week long range pack- culminating in the Annual Combat Marksmanship Test (Band) (ACMT(Band)). On arrival, we went straight to the ranges and practiced the marksmanship principles we had been previously taught, firing live ammunition at targets. We started at 100m, using the positions we were taught at CTCRM. These included the prone, kneeling, sitting and standing positions. At first we were on the gallery range, with half of the troop on the firing point and the other half lifting heavy target mechanisms and sitting in the safety area, in the butts. We were there to raise and lower targets, patch out bullet holes and give feedback to the firers on the point for their fall of shot.

Every morning we would walk from the accommodation to the ranges, through lovely scenery getting fresh air into our lungs. The PTI drove out so at the end of the day we were able to run back to camp, keeping our fitness gains and hopefully improving bit by bit, too.

The week culminated with the ACMT(B) being conducted on the Electronic Target Range (ETR). Instead of us having to physically move the targets up and down, they are all scored electronically on a computer system. The tests included shooting in every single position we had been taught, at a range of 100m and 200m. The RMB 1/14 excelled and 15 people achieved ‘marksman’, the hard work we had put in at the beginning of the week really paid off with such an impressive pass rate.
Overall the range package was a fantastic week of learning and practicing new skills and we really benefitted from the measured approach taken by the training team; we were very much walking before running. I look forward to going back on the ranges, and hopefully bettering my scores!


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