193 Troop Week 5

193 Troop Recruit Diary Week 5

Week 5 finally arrived, everybody knew they would get to see their family on Friday and the recruits with children in particular couldn’t think of anything better; but the week’s schedule looked a busy one – and it was.
Exercise QUICK COVER started on Monday morning, we were packed and ready for it on Sunday evening, all excited about what was to come.
Initially Monday morning started with a 4 mile run in trainers and shorts which was a pleasant change from combat trousers and boots. The troop had high morale as the run went well, straight after we were off to Woodbury Common on exercise.
The exercise was arguably the most educational we’ve had so far! From navigation to learning about how to camouflage ourselves into our surroundings; the Troop’s learning curve was steep.
The time flew by, Thursday was a time for us to really prepare for our weekend leave, we spent as much time as possible making sure we were as presentable as we were expected to be; ironing our uniforms to perfection and cleaning as much as we could between attending the gym, lectures and drill.
The Families Day went extremely well with all families having enjoyed a great introduction to our lives here at CTCRM. It was quite a rushed morning for them all moving from presentations to the parade square, the Rehabilitation Centre at Parker Hall and to watch us in the gym. Overall the response from the families was that it was a great day. We left with our families after having taken them to the main galley to sample the delights of military food, all looking forward to a well earned break on our short long weekend.
Overall the weekend went well and the troop should start Week 6 with some of the stress relieved after seeing those who we have missed so much.
All now looking forward to a week on camp when we start our instruction on map reading amongst other subjects.


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