189 Troop Week 15

189 Troop Diary Week 15
Week 15 was a relatively relaxed week for 189 Troop, allowing a transition period from Phase One of training into Phase two. Monday saw the troop carry out their AMF assessment on The Bottom Field which consisted of one full rope climb, a full run through of the assault course followed by a fireman’s carry and a full regain all completed with 15lbs of weight. We then had an afternoon of signals lectures, including a small competition between the troop to see who was able to put together the PRC Radio and programme it ready for use the quickest.
On Tuesday we were given a lecture by the OC, on Military Law touching on LOAC and the Rules of Engagement followed by a small test. We were then introduced to Harbour Drills, lectures and a practical run through in the rain on top field gave the troop a good understanding of what is expected of them and the weather to come in the following months.
Wednesday was once again a day on camp, in the morning we had our CBRN practical test. This involved the troop entering the CTF and being tested on randomly selected drills, from carrying out the drinking drill to a full self decontamination. The test went better for some than others who felt the full force of CS gas once again. The afternoon was full of intense lectures on tactics and drills that we will be carrying out in the following weeks of training and gave us an eye opener into the steep learning curve ahead.
Thursday was a less than successful day for the troop on the parade ground, with a lack of practise in the past weeks the troop struggled with some of the basics failing to impress the DL’s. The afternoon was used for the troop to catch up on personal administration, medical appointments and write up notes from the week’s lectures as well as trying to take in and understand all of the information we have been provided with.

On Friday the troop carried out Dunker drills. These include four serials in which groups of six are in a helicopter simulator and dropped in water and spun upside down in different lighting including pitch black, the thought of which had some members of the troop flapping to the amusement of the rest. Once the troop had completed the Dunker Drills we headed back to CTCRM for our Phase One Passout Parade. The Parade was a success and saw a number of troop pick up rewards such as Marksman and PT Superiors as well as section IC tapes handed out to those who had been awarded them during the first 15 weeks of training. After the Parade had finished the troop were given a long weekend.


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