187 Troop Week 19

187 Troop weekly diary – Week 18
We started the week with a bottom field session first thing on Monday morning, followed by deploying on Exercise Second Empire to the Braunton Burrows training area on the North Devon coast.
During the 5 day long exercise spent in the field we conducted section and troop level attacks, reconnaissance missions, fighting patrols and an ambush. We were contacted on multiple occasions and carried out our advance or withdraw from contact drills according to the situation. We used various communications equipment for the first time on exercise including Personal Role Radios.
After establishing the team tent we went on to move into our harbour position, posting sentries in order to provide defence and an early warning system, after conducting clearance patrols we then carried out our personal administration such as cleaning our weapons and making sure all our kit is squared away and ready to move at a moment’s notice. During the night we were attacked and had to stand to in order to protect the harbour position, we successfully fought off the enemy threat and eventually got our heads down under our ponchos.
Once stand to at first light was over we patrolled out on the ground and conducted section level attacks on multiple enemy positions, performing flanking manoeuvres and re-organising on the position after successfully defeating the enemy. The rest of the day was spent picking up resupplies and maintaining the harbour position.
Throughout the exercise there were situations that physically and mentally challenged the troop.
The morale of the troop was tested at times but as usual we pushed through in the end. For most of the lads this is why they joined the Corps, to learn how to operate in the field as a Marine.
Once we returned off exercise on the Friday evening we unloaded all stores and deserviced our kit then crawled into our pits as soon as possible. On Saturday we attended another arduous session on the bottom field to finish off the week.
As a whole the troop enjoyed the exercise, and enjoyed the weekend off even more.


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