189 Troop Week 14

189 Troop Diary Week 14

The week started off with some bottom field phys as we prepare for week 15 bottom field assessment. Thoughts were mainly focused on wednesdays final phase 1 exercise Baptists Run as we were coming closer into phase 2.
Baptist Run took place on wednesday morning after an afternoon kit muster to get the ball rolling. We started with a 4 mile speed march which everyone passed as a troop so it was a brilliant start
The next few days put all our physical and mental knowledge to the test with a series of stalks, map reading assessments, night navs and kit musters. This was to prove we had taken onboard all the the training learned in phase 1. I wish we could say we had a dry few days but the rain greeted us as soon as we arrived, still morale and effort levels were high as the troop dug out blind to complete the exercise.
On the friday the physical side of the exercise took place as we made our way back from woodbury common with an 8 mile load carry otherwise known as the CFT (combat fitness test). I would be lying if i said it wasnt honking but there was no better feeling to see CTC getting closer and closer on the last mile.


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